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According to experts, in order to maintain good mental but also physical health, s*x is one of the most important activities. The reason for that is because s*x actually is antidepressant that significantly reduces the stress levels and in same time it will relax your entire body. In same time it is great for your skin.

In order to prove that theory, “Royal Edinburgh Hospital” in Scotland conducted a study and the results showed that people above their 40 that had 50 % more s*x than the average looked from 7 to 13 years younger than the ones that did not had regular s*x.

It is well known fact that today the stress is cause of various diseases and due to the fact that s*x has the ability to reduce stress, it is great for your overall health. It was proven that people that have regular s*x will live longer.

Some people are curious to find out whether they have too much or too little s*x? Today people have modern lifestyle and thus they have less time to spend some quality time with their partner.


According to your age here is how often you should have s*x:

-18 to 29 should be 112 times a year on average;
-30 to 39 should be 86 times a year on average;
-40 to 49 should be 69 times a year on average.

And this is according to a research that took place at the Institute Kinsey.

As result of the fact that 45 % of the married couples have s*x only a several times in a month and only 7 % have four or more times a week, here is the minimum, average and the ideal number of how many times married couples should have s*x.

-The minimum is once a month;
-The average is once a week, while the ideal number is 5 times a week.


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