The Art of S*x – An Alpha Man’s Guide to Amazing S*x!

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What do you need to be a sex god? Good height, gorgeous looks, beastly abs, hung c*ck and an insanely animalistic energy in you?

Well I’m average heighted, good looking, but not a beast. I have an average c*ck, but i’m not a superstar. Nor do i have an animalistic energy [ sometimes, mostly not ;] But everyday i end up with 2 or more hot women in my bed and i make sure that i give them multiple orgasms every time.

And this article is written exactly for average men like me, who can unleash their inner masculinity and become an amazing lover in bed as well. Yes, you read it. I’m a lover, I love women, . I celebrate them and i adore them for the passion and energy that they bring in my life.

And it’s due to their love and compassion for me that i’m writing this article to help you as well. Women are born to be loved and cherished. And this is going to be the focal point of everything that i’ll teach you here.


This article is about the “Art Of Sex” and how you can f*ck women that they literally pass out of pleasure, she enjoys it so much that she keeps asking you for more every other day and is willing to fulfill all your fantasies. Read it again, i wrote she will eagerly want to fulfill your fantasies, not be forced to do. This means, you don’t even need to be dominant or brutal with her.

Sex should be consensual

It is paramount that to have a multi orgasmic, earth wrenching, jaw clawing, knee breaking sex, you two must be in consent. Both of you or more people involved should be absolutely aware of it and agree to whatever you guys want to happen. This means even if you want to do anal [ it’s great, i love it ] it should be with her consent. And both of you should be involved and held responsible equally for it.

When it’s fully consensual then your woman is like a butterfly. She will love it, moan the heck out and go all in with you in this pleasuring journey of the both of you.

But a woman can only be your butterfly if you’re a giver first. You must give, in order to receive. Or give and you shall receive. You must make your woman feel special and make her feel that you would give up everything just to be with her, in that moment, in that hour. When you’re in that room with her, it should be like you’re Picasso and you’re working on your art [ sex in your case ] and nothing else should matter to you.

CONFIDENCE: The pre-requisite

Everything you do requires confidence. So, how could sex not need it? Can you imagine giving a woman ultimate pleasure without being confident in your abilities to pleasure her? Confidence is the ability to give other people, without breaking your peace of mind, because you know you can still create more or have more.

That’s how much you trust in your abilities. And confidence in bed means allowing your woman to bask in her full glory, and you feeling comfortable and in your core, loving, pleasuring her and getting pleasured as well.

The Mindset

It’s all in the mind. Aye…
Your state of mind can make or break any life situation. Then how would it not in bed?

The wrong kind of mindset is when you are having sex just for your pleasure or when you are too worried about giving your woman an orgasm. Both are wrong. This approach leads you into a perfectionist mode where you want all the perfect strokes and techniques to be applied. It makes you go out there and buy books on the perfect techniques. Or worse yet, go to seminars about hypnosis and sex. [ yup, it’s there. And people actually go.]

What i want you to know deep inside from now on is that – It’s already there. Where else are you trying to find it? It’s inside you. You already can give your woman a perfect orgasm, you just need a bit of tweak here and there. But it’s easy. You need not to worry yet [ or worse, get yourself some silicons. ]

Don’t create so much stress or pressure because your woman can feel it. They feel what their man feels. So, if you’re tensed, she’ll also get tensed and won’t enjoy sex. Then how in this world will she orgasm?

The only solution to this is to try not to think about orgasm at all. Just give her pleasure and make sure both of you are feeling good.

It’s very hard to buildup for a woman. Unlike we men. For them it’s a process and that’s what we men don’t understand. We move too fast, too soon. For us it’s easy to unload the jizz. But, women on the other hand need a slow build up to come to a point of orgasm. And that task mostly lies on her man, not her.

Foreplay to unleash her Carnal Desires

Foreplay is all about letting her relax, by being physical with her and letting her feel sensations. It’s starting point of all the build up. It’s a lot of fun and you are also going to enjoy it a lot. But you need to make sure that you control yourself here, because after all this build up you can also give in. It’s good but first your woman also needs to be in the right place before you give in.

The Art of Compliments

Compliment your woman often, as if she’s your treasure and mean it all. Cuddle her up, tell her your stories, your dreams, your future projections with her, tell her what you would love doing with her all your life, nurture her, kiss her even when she sleeps. Wake her by licking her, and do it then and there [ trust me, morning sex is awesome. You gotta try it at least once ].

The Art of Kissing

Kissing is insanely important for a woman. Let me state it one more time to get it down your head – Kissing is in-f*ckin-sanely important for a woman.

Most rookie advisors will teach you, to just be dominant, hold her tightly, and lunge your face forward. Like you’re eating an apple. Then push your tongue down her throat, so that you could get a piece of her last eaten meal [ ok,, maybe i exaggerated here.. a bit ]

First of all, different women, love different types of kisses. So, i’m not going to advise you, to follow one practice. I advise you to implement on the go. Look for signs of what’s working on her, what’s making her wet, what’s making her hot, and then do more of that.

Some women like soft kisses, some like hard, dominant ones, so what i do is at the beginning i do a bit of both, go back and forth and i look for signs from her body, what’s working more on her, and then i do more of that with her.

REMEMBER : Let her respond as well. She also needs to be invested in it. Or else there’s no point of it at all.

While you’re doing all this, remember to breathe. If you don’t do that it won’t flow naturally and you’ll make her feel uncomfortable. Breathe and let her breathe as well.

Now, at the end don’t just kiss on the lip. When you’re kissing, go from her mouth to her ears, then to her neck, nibble her neck, lick it a bit, and come back to her lips. You can even bite it if she likes it.


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