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It’s like I’m missing something, organ transplant. I need it, baby.

I can’t control the madness inside me.

–Darling, can you pass me that salt?
+I’m burning for you. aahh!

-OFFF lock my back is very itchy I do not understand what back…
–Oh dear, I’ll see…

+aaa what happened to your lip##?
– for goodness sake, what happened?
+least come near me.
-you’ll see.


e – you know I have a surprise for you.
K-AAA what’d you get me ?
no surprise on your e-name, so close your eyes.
K-No , but tell me, where did you hide it in the glove box ?
e – No, come on, close your eyes and you’il be thrilled.
K – I was wondering , come on, I closed my eyes.
e-( woman close#d her eyes, man sticks to her lips and plays a jazz song in the background )

Research suggests that s*xua##l pain is good for you.

S###**x is a struggle, isn’t it? I’m the enemy side. You can’t be friends with what you love. He needs a friend of his.

– did you just buy this bed?
– ha yeah,
-how good is it
– beautiful
– shall we try?

– I don’t like watermelon,
-I like melons

I got sleepy.
– me
– good night
– animals

  • Hede hödöb Bab bub cart Curt
  • hobaaaaaaaa
  • do you want to see a live sample of sozun?


Her pubic hair is above the length of the barley and the person has become fetuses.. do you think it’s past or not?

-I wanted to be with you..
–what does this mean?

  • do you want me to show you?
  • does it hurt?
  • Yoo… but close your eyes first..
    -… aarrgghhh!!!
  • Look, I don’t really like Monopoly relationships.
  • is that guaranteed to be a one-night stand?
  • it’s impressive that you understand.
    -good. .. doing…
  • where do I sleep?
    I sleep in my bed in the living room
  • you won’t be cold.
  • I think I’m cold..
  • look, I told you we didn’t do it alone..
    -Yes, you’re right
    but this movie is so boring
  • what can we do?
  • how slowly your hair comes from…
  • I’m sleeping with you.
  • Okay, I’m gonna sleep in my bed.
  • you sleep with me, my tooth is cold.
  • I’il warm your teeth cold, warm your oyy marrow.
    hobaa shinanayy

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